Pre-Paid Legal and the Blastoff Network, the Viral Marketing Connection?

The New Strategic Alliance?

The value in giving Pre-Paid Legal’s 400 thousand independent reps a 4-week jumpstart on the launch of the new Blastoff Network should be obvious to all. The bigger question is will Pre-Paid benefit in any significant way from their new partnership with Blastoff?

Let’s Start With A Brief Review Of Prepaid Legal Services, Inc.

Prepaid Legal Services, Inc is the brainchild of Harland Stonecipher who founded the company back in 1972 after a devastating automobile accident that occurred in 1969 left him with huge legal fees when the person responsible for the accident had the audacity to sue him!

Having medical and automobile insurance cushioned the impact of those expenses however the ensuing legal litigation in which Stonecipher prevailed, still left him near penniless and looking for some way to mitigate any possibility of future legal expenses for himself and others.

The pre-eminent provider of legal expense plans in the country with upwards of 1.5 million members, Prepaid Legal is a New York Stock Exchange listed company and boasts a sales force of more than 400,000 independent representatives who market its various legal expense plans and identity theft program through a multi-level marketing program.

What is it that attracted a solid and stalwart legal services company like PrePaid Legal to want to join forces with the equivalent to a home shopping network on the internet?

Let’s Look At The Blastoff Network

Blastoff comes to us from William Rodgers and his two partners Scott Berman & Adam Smith. It is the intention of the Blastoff Network to merge online shopping with such big brand names as iTunes, The Gap, WalMart, Target and as many as 400 more online retailers with a cashback or rebate online shopping experience. Consumers are encouraged to sign up with Blastoff for free and invite others to do the same. This network will then pay members overrides on other’s purchases.

Harland Stonecipher of Prepaid Legal is paraphrased here as stating that he sees the integration of a rewards-based program with the viral marketing potential of Blastoff combined with the 400,000 independent sales reps of Prepaid Legal makes for a combination offering significant opportunity for all concerned.

Pre-Paid Legal will be the only Network Marketing/MLM Company to be part of the Blastoff network and Pre-Paid and its legal services membership plan will be prominently featured with a link on the Blastoff home page.

How Much Does Prepaid Legal Stand To Gain?

It makes sense that both companies have the potential for significant market exposure as a result of the others marketing strategies. Combining direct sales with a viral marketing strategy could be all it takes to push Prepaid’s membership totals beyond the 2 million member mark! Only time will tell though!

But will that exposure be enough to energize the 400,000 member sales force of Pre-Paid Legal to further push sales of the legal membership beyond the 1.5 million member mark? We’ll see! After all, it is all about exposure! Whoever can deliver their product to greatest number of consumers at the least cost wins! And Pre-Paid just might be a big winner in this game but only if its sales force is motivated enough to push existing sales way beyond where they are now, namely the 1.5 million member mark! Time will tell!

A Financial Windfall For Prepaid Legal Reps?

I guess what all the associates with PrePaid need to be asking is whether or not they will be able to create an income stream from Blastoff without any significant effort or involvement on their part?

The real money will be made by savvy Prepaid Legal representatives who take advantage of the Blastoff website to drive traffic to it with the idea of exposing someone new to the PPL membership link and then following up with them to get them signed up as a new member. As always, the fortune is still in the followup!

Ahhhh, The Effects Of Viral Marketing…My Favorite Subject!

Since Network Marketing is already a form of viral marketing, will the addition of Social Media sites and hyped-up headlines likely increase the effects of viral marketing? Suggesting that Blastoff will be the biggest thing to ever hit the internet is not likely to accomplish that goal. What it is likely to do is to create skepticism in folks like you and me!

Benefits of a Pre-Paid Legal Plan

I am an independent associate for Pre-Paid Legal Services. I have been in the business for just over 4 years. I have used the plan myself several times and am very satisfied with the services I have received. One incident I will tell you about was when I bought a car from a car lot that I drove for about a week when the transmission started to slip. I called the dealer and he basically told me tough. You bought it as is. I called the state and was advised the same thing. I stopped by the dealer again and presented him with a business card and advised him I was turning the matter over to my provider law firm and left. The next day he called me and gave me a check for the amount of the repairs. That alone was enough to have paid for my membership for over three years. I never would have called a lawyer about this if I didn’t have the service. They would have charged me a large amount of money and told me the same thing the dealer and the state told me. But because I had the service, the ability and confidence to use it, I prevailed. I urge anyone that has ever had a legal issue and couldn’t afford proper justice to go to my website and look around. Watch the videos read the content, email me with any questions you may have. I am also always looking for people to mentor and help succeed as Independent Associates. In these days of rising unemployment and uncertain times, it is a great way to supplement or even replace an income. Here are some of the benefits of being a Pre-Paid Legal Services member.

Legal Consultation and Advice:
You can call your attorney for everyday issues or important issues without getting a bill. Get answers on your personal, business and pre-existing conditions.

Letters and phone calls:
Get a letter or a phone call placed on your behalf on any subject matter.

Contract and document review:
Your law firm will review an unlimited number of contracts or documents (up to 10 pages) including one business document per year.

Will Preperation:
Your membership provides you with a standard will that will meet most Americans’ needs, with yearly reviews and updates at no charge. You may also receive a Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney at no additional charge if they are prepared at the same time as your will.

Motor Vehicle Legal Services:
Your provider law firm will assist you and your covered family members with traffic violations at no additional cost. Get help with traffic tickets without worrying about the cost of representation.

Major Legal Expenses:
Your provider law firm will defend you or your covered family member if you are charged with Manslaughter, Involuntary Manslaughter, Negligent Homicide, or Vehicular Manslaughter at NO additional cost.

Plus: Up to 2.5 hours for help with:
Damage Recovery Services
Drivers license assistance
Personal injury legal services

Trial Defense Services:

Receive up to 60 hours of your provider law firms time you first year of membership if you or your spouse are named as a defendant or respondent in a covered civil or criminal action filed in court.

Plus: Your defense services trial and pre-trial time increases each year you are a member up to 295.5 hours in your fifth membership year.

IRS Audit Services:
Receive up to 50 hours of your provider law firms time if you receive a written notice of an IRS audit or are requested to appear at IRS offices regarding your tax return.

Plus (as if that wasn’t enough) You get a 25% discount off of your provider law firms standard rate if you need legal services that are not otherwise covered by your plan benefits. Should you need to retain an attorney for more extensive representation, you can rest easier knowing you’ll receive the services of a quality, reputable law firm at a significant discount.

You will get a personalized membership card for each covered member of your family with a membership number and a toll free number to reach your provider law firm for legal advice. You can also access the law firm 24 hours a day for emergency situations.

The members of your family that are covered under one membership include:

Your spouse
Never married dependent children under 21 still living at home
Never married dependent full time college students up to 23 years old
Physically or mentally challenged dependent children living at home

All for the same low price.

Now I ask you. How can you beat all of this for less than a dollar a day. I would be willing to bet anyone reading this article, if you were to call any law office and ask how much of a retainer they would charge to provide all of these services listed above, they would charge you a very large amount of money. Much more than a dollar a day. Thank you for reading and let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you.

Legal Rights Between Relatives

Even though we don’t think about being legally involved with people we are related to, the law recognizes that these relationships are necessary. The two types of legal power of relatives that most people are familiar with are parental rights and marital rights. It’s assumed that a parent will be the automatic person to make legal decisions on behalf of their children – decisions dealing with money, property, healthcare, and other aspects of the child’s welfare. Although state specific rights vary, spouses are also granted certain automatic rights and privileges under the law for one another. (You can see the Human Rights Campaign website for additional information.) But what happens when the situation is not straightforward?

Rights for Children

A child may have a guardian appointed as a caretaker for a variety of reasons if the parents are unable to care for them. In Florida, guardians can be appointed for the child’s person or the child’s property, each with distinct rights to protect. A guardian for the child’s person will be able to make healthcare, schooling, housing, or other legal decisions relating to the child’s well-being; whereas a guardian for the child’s property would be appointed in the case they are beneficiaries of wrongful death suits, or if they are to receive large sums of money because of personal injury suits, inheritance, or insurance settlements. Often, the minor’s money in this kind of case will be set up in a trust, which is overseen by a trustee, and the trust might include a number of provisions for the child’s benefit and protection. For example, the minor may not be granted access to the funds until a certain date, or may only be allowed to access the money in specific circumstances, such as for college or travel expenses. The guardian of every minor in Florida must be represented by an attorney and proper documentation must be filed with the courts to establish that guardian’s responsibility to the child. The same person can hold both guardianships, but the responsibilities can also be divided. The guardian for the minor’s property and the trustee of their accounts also do not need to be the same person. However many adults are involved, legal assistance is extremely valuable to establish legal relationships for the child’s benefits.

When a child is legally adopted Florida law recognizes that once an adoption is formally completed, the birth parent’s legal rights to make decisions for the minor are officially terminated and the responsibility passes to the adoptive parents with full legal authority – just as if the child was biologically theirs. At the time of the adoption, members of the birth family (siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc) can petition the court to allow them to stay in contact with the adopted child. If the minor is old enough to choose and they want to keep this contact, they may be granted the right to communicate with biological family members by letters, phone calls, or visits. If the minor is not old enough, the court will decide based on all relevant factors, and may allow this communication if it does not see any disadvantage. The child’s adoptive parents may counter-petition the court at any time if they feel that it is in the child’s best interest to stop this communication with their biological family. Whether the child is communicating with biological family members or not, in case of an emergency, all legal decisions for the child are granted to the adoptive parents without additional legal proceedings or documents needed. See the Florida state statues for adoption here.

Rights for Adults

Guardianship and trusts aren’t just for minors – they can be very helpful and sometimes necessary in certain circumstances for adults as well. When thinking about our own futures, we don’t like to address the idea that there may be a situation where we might not be able to make our own decisions, but establishing who you want to take care of you in case that takes place is a sensible issue to think about ahead of time. If you appoint and designate your own caretakers before an emergency occurs, there will be less legal scrambling if it happens. In the case of a disabled or incapacitated adult, if the individual has not designated their own caretakers, one may be appointed by the court whether or not other family members can agree on a single person. One of the most common ways to assign who will make decisions for you is by granting someone with Durable Power of Attorney. Appointing someone to this position can give them power to make legal and/or financial decisions on your behalf in case you are unable to do so. Two other types of power of attorney, general and limited, will allow someone to make legal transactions on your behalf, but do not extend if you become incapacitated. It is up to you to decide how much power to give your power of attorney when you are filing their paperwork with the state court. You can access form DR835 for a “Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative” from the FL Department of Revenue here.

Often, people will file durable power of attorney with the decision-making powers of a living will at the same time. As medical technology has advanced to keep people alive longer after extreme injuries, there may be a situation where you need someone to make a decision in the case you are alive but cannot make those types of decisions for yourself. A living will gives your family your express wishes in writing, and tells who has the power to carry out those wishes. A Health Care Surrogate is another option as someone you can appoint and give the authority to make healthcare decisions on your behalf, have access to your medical records, and negotiate with insurance companies for you. You can appoint the healthcare surrogate as the same person with durable power of attorney, or you can delegate that these people work together in your best interests, in case you are not able to speak for yourself. Ideally, everyone should have this paperwork with their wishes written out before any kind of emergency and have a copy kept with their medical records. Copies with lawyers, in safe deposit boxes, or otherwise “hidden away” may not be able to be reached in time to have your wishes carried out appropriately if there is an emergency situation. It is a good idea to give copies of this paperwork to each person you wish to grant some kind of legal authority, but having another copy in your medical file also keeps it in a centralized place and available in case there are any concerns or disagreements.

Prepaid Legal Online Business With Blastoff – A Review

Who reading this has Facebook? We all do. This past weekend I’ve been getting a few messages about the Prepaid legal joining, Blastoff. I must tell you so we are certain that all our readers receive the correct review points about this brand new Online Marketing Company, so I decided to do a little bit of homework. This company is a brand new gateway into the world wide web and joining with a little company we all know, Prepaid Legal. This is a new thing that an existing MLM company has partnered with this type of Online Website.

Checking out their material, it was all stating why anyone and everyone must join Blastoff. The concept is definitely well laid out. Blastoff has done a good job of capitalizing on the explosive Network Marketing tool, the Blog. Basically using a blogging platform, modifications can be made to your website by uploading applications of top Television Channels, Sports and Media, Articles, Social Networks, and online stores.

The new online web platform will be launching October 12th, 2009. Obviously there is the start-up concern, why is this internet retail site unlike any other online shopping company? Why is Blastoff going to be part of the 10% of Start-Ups that will crumble into the 90% that fail?

The personalized color scheme might assist in appearance, the stylish homepage design with selectable and interchangeable widgets that can benefit your numbers. Tell me if those things will set your your online page from all of the other replicated company websites out there? Modifying the themes is a given, but are you not offering the same thing as everyone else?

Internet shopping is not a new notion, even if their campaign promises to “Revolutionize” the industry. The partnership with Prepaid Legal does however, make it unique. All Prepaid Legal members are entitled to early registration before the launch. Something that was making me think, and you might also be thinking about, what do Legal Services have to do with Online shopping? Both companies have this on the hush hush but they do state that Blastoff “will not replace their current marketing methods, but are simply introducing a new web-based marketing process that is so complete it will change their entire marketing program as well as improve their existing business model.” What are they insinuating?

Blastoff has a head start, compared to the other Start-Up companies out there, because of their relationship with a reputable MLM group, Prepaid Legal.. They now have much better odds of making it past the 1 year lifespan of Start Ups… PPL deserve a hats off, for tapping into a market that is growing by the day, the Internet. Welcome to the 21st century!

Here’s the truth, and watch out… it might hurt. If you’re thinking about switching companies to be on the “ground floor” of a 30 year old “new” company because what you’re doing right now isn’t working…. what you’re doing isn’t going to work with this one either.

The key, CHANGE what you are doing. Don’t blame anyone else, I wish the online webpages were better. Why do others have success and I don’t? You’ll find yourself in the same place you are now years down the line unless you lead with yourself and market a solution to the problems of others.

No one wants another hurdle to jump over, they are looking for solutions. Plug yourself into an Online training program where you are offering them value and training on how to make their current company successful for them. THAT’S what people want, and all the Big Players online achieve this. So to wrap it up, Blastoff seems to be another glamorized online shopping site… but it sounds like a new problem for Networkers rather than a solution.